Displaced Voices


Provoked by the increasing flow of refugees from Syria and elsewhere to Europe, this project commissions and performs new works based on the words of incoming refugees.

Displaced Voices is happy to announce the involvement of the following people:


Laura Bowler

Rachel Lockwood

Kate Whitley


Grassroots Festival Orchestra

Spectrum Ensemble London

Sinfonia Gaia (Tandem Festival performance)

Paradisal Players


Sam Burstin (conductor / manager of Paradisal Players, violist)

Rowena Calvert (cello)

Anna Huntley (soprano)

Cayenna Ponchione (conductor of Sinfonia Gaia and Grassroots Festival Orchestra)

Media / research

Susie Attwood (filmmaker)

Samira Shackle (journalist / writer)

This project is in its early stages of planning, so please check back for more information soon. If you would be interesting in hosting a performance, or supporting Displaced Voices by funding a new commission or in any other way, please contact me.

Displaced Voices